• 02 Dec 2021
    10:00 - 11:30

    Empowering Energy Poor Citizens through Joint Energy Initiatives

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    This event aims to share the approach and tools from the POWERPOOR project and provide information on the energy poverty policy framework in Europe. Join us to discuss with representatives of the newly established Energy Poverty Advisory Hub about the status and perspectives of energy poverty in Europe and the role the Hub can play in alleviating the phenomenon. 

    We are going to be focusing also on how to tackle energy poverty in cities discussing with representatives from the Covenant of Mayors and we will look into how the POWERPOOR approach fits in. 

    Finally, we are going to be focusing on Spain and how energy poverty can be alleviated there bringing forward best practices, challenges and opportunites. 

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    This event is jointly organised by the Covenant of Mayors – Europe and the POWERPOOR project.