• 27 Jun 2019

    LIFE PlanUp Webinar invitation: Public involvement in national energy and climate planning - good practices from across Europe

    Organiser: Others

    From 10:00 to 11:30 CEST.

    EU countries are currently preparing their integrated 2030 National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), a critical instrument to drive forward Europe’s energy and climate transition. EU Member States have to involve local and regional authorities and civil society organizations, as well as the public, in the development and the implementation of these plans. The LIFE PlanUp project seeks to facilitate the involvement of local and regional authorities, NGOs and the public in this NECP process.

    This webinar aims to provide participants with an outlook into different participatory methods on how to ensure public involvement in national energy and climate planning. Good examples from across Europe will be presented by speakers from Estonia, Ireland and Luxembourg, which are drawn from the upcoming LIFE PlanUp publication “Report on Good Practices in Energy and Climate Governance”. A representative from the Energy-Directorate of the European Commission will also provide an overview on the state of public participation in the draft NECPs.